Global Gaming 555 AB is a result of two companies: Connected Table AB (which is the legal entity that has changed name to Global Gaming 555 AB) and LMA Gaming Limited from Cyprus.

Connected Table AB was started in 2007 by an entrepreneur with a vision to build digital poker table – hence the name. While the company managed to produce high quality tables, the market never took off and the focus changed to a Fast Fold version of online poker under the brand InstaDeal. Over time, poker declined globally and the focus was shifted to casino in 2014-2015. The company has always been strong on technology.

LMA Gaming Limited was started in 2009 based on activities in JMR markerting, an affiliate business with portal websites covering all gaming verticals. The company has always been strong on SEO and marketing and operated a number of brands on other platforms.

The combination of the two companies that happened in 2015 resulted in a complete unit that can deliver complete services for it’s own brands as well as B2B customers.

“GlobalGaming shall continue to grow from a strong foothold in the Nordic region and expand across Europe by offering innovative, secure and high quality gambling services to B2B and B2C customers – in their local language and license where possible. A tight and creative team with diverse – but highly specialized – skills will accomplish this across multiple locations.”